Merging Innovation and Intelligence

MESH01 delivers creative innovation and strategic analysis for the three most critical points in the consumer product lifecycle: design, testing and marketability. We connect brands with the appropriate segment of our global network of professionals, delivering the right combination of crowd-sourced design solutions, customized field testing programs and market analytics. By drawing from a virtual talent pool, MESH01 expands on companies’ in-house R&D capabilities to help brands thrive.


MESH01 clients have access to our global roster of established and emerging designers. Whether a product is in the pipeline and requires finishing touches or a company is searching for new ideas, we match the talent to the goal. Turning to the crowd for inspiration provides brands with virtually limitless opportunities for innovation and market leadership.

Product Test

MESH01 maintains an expansive team of field testers, all experienced in a variety of active disciplines and all prepared to put consumer products through the ringer. We distribute our clients’ prototype products to carefully chosen segments of testers who use sophisticated and proven protocols to discover strengths and reveal flaws well before products reach consumers. Manufacturers then use test data to refine, optimize and enhance products in all stages of development, ensuring market-readiness prior to launch.